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The Fitness Box


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Introducing The Strength Boxes, which is a monthly supplement subscription of everything you need to make the difference that you're looking for! The Strength Boxes will feature a different brand every month to ensure you're getting a constant change in products to continually evolve/enhance your fitness goals! Every month you will receive a box of supplements geared towards putting forward the best you!

The Fitness Box is comprised of:

ProtoLyte - 100% Whey Isolate is the worlds first Cold Processed & Filtered Whey Protein Isolate featuring TRAACS, Albions Proprietary Mineral Amino Acid Chelates- the ultimate digestive enzyme complex. Protolyte 100% Whey Isolate, with Electrolytes & Enzymes to help aid in recovery & digestion, will leave the stomach feeling light and the muscles feeling full!

K-XR - Intense energy pre-workout. Explosive strength & endurance. The answer. The solution. Long awaited...finally, it comes to fruition. K-XR is "it". The answer. The solution. The never ending energy powerhouse you have been waiting for. Never before has an ultra-concentrated pre-workout powder delivered this type of an engineered formula. A totally unique blend of botanicals carefully orchestrated to mount the strongest workouts. K-XR = Mind Blowing Power!

Aminogex Ultra - BCAA Formula with Electrolytes. Support Muscle Growth & Recovery. Best Taste Guarantee.

Need shakers and gym gear? No worries...we'll make sure to throw that in the box every month!